Founded in 1981, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Central University initially offered graduate degrees only. After offering doctoral degree in 1988 and undergraduate degree in 1992, the department had evolved and set up a complete curriculum for computer engineering education and research. The department currently has around 435 undergraduates, 217 students in the master program, 97 students in the part-time master program, and 128 students in the doctoral program. To the year of 2008, 959 undergraduate degrees, 1207 MS degrees, 108 part-time MS degrees, and 96 Ph. D. degrees were offered. Under the great efforts of professors and stuff members, as well as all students and alumni, awards and prizes received by professors and students had increased dramatically in the past few years. The department had become one of the most unique and well-reputed organization among research universities in Taiwan.
The department has six strong research groups, focusing on the following areas:

  • Software Engineering and Programming
  • Data Engineering and Data Mining
  • Computer Networking and Engineering
  • Multimedia Computing and Engineering
  • Computational Theory and Applications

While placing emphasis on the core knowledge enabling students to apply their skills to many computer science and engineering disciplines, our program requires students participating in practical projects and provides numerous hands-on opportunities in collaborations with industry and government labs. We offer cross-disciplinary research opportunities that encourage innovation and collaboration across multiple disciplines, helping students become well-prepared engineers and researchers.